December 31, 2020

Today’s Industry Updates

    • TGS Esports Completes the Acquisition of Canadian Scholastic Esports and Digital Media Organization, Volcanic Media – TGS Esports Inc. (“TGS” or the “Company”) (TSXV: TGS) (FRA: 5RH) is pleased to announce that, further to its news releases dated October 7, 2020 and November 17, 2020, it has completed its previously announced arm’s length acquisition (the “Acquisition”) of Volcanic Media Inc. (“Volcanic”) pursuant to the terms of a share exchange agreement dated November 13, 2020 among the Company, Volcanic and the shareholders of Volcanic (the “Agreement”). Volcanic is at the forefront of scholastic esports in Canada and it has created an inter-district high school esports league and scholarship program for players within the league—both firsts of their kind in Canada.

    • The Rise of AI in Gaming – Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has begun to enter into every sector and industry and the gaming industry is no exception. AI is being used at every point in the gaming process, from targeting new potential customers to customer service responses to integration into the framework of the game itself. The future of gaming will undoubtedly involve AI, and it will allow for a more creative, immersive, and exciting gameplay experience. AI is created by using mass amounts of data, which is manipulated and used to form scenarios, narratives, and actions in games. A vast amount of data is needed to create quality AI, and, as a result, it takes time, energy, and resources to collect and collate it; this is part of why AI is just starting to infiltrate the gaming industry.
    • The biggest questions facing the gaming world in 2021 – If you’re trying to forecast the next 12 months for the video gaming industry, an oft-repeated exercise this time of year, here’s a safe projection: Foggy with a chance of murkiness giving way to yet more clouds. The novel coronavirus turned the world on its head, and recalibrated the industry along with everything else. In so doing, a number of seemingly safe assumptions about covid-related fallout appear to have defied early expectations. With jobless rates soaring, one could assume people would spend less on frivolities like video games. Instead, it was a record year for game-related spending. Supply chain disruptions around the world suggested next-gen console manufacturers would struggle to assemble their inventory ahead of a planned holiday launch. Instead, PlayStation’s CEO said there were more PlayStation 5s available in November than there were PlayStation 4’s during the blissfully pandemic-free year of 2013.
    • Apple removes 39,000 unlicensed video games from China App Store to meet deadline for complying with the country’s strict gaming regulations – Apple removed 39,000 game apps on its China store Thursday, the biggest removal ever in a single day, as it set year-end as deadline for all game publishers to obtain a licence. The takedowns come amid a crackdown on unlicensed games by Chinese authorities. Including the 39,000 games, Apple removed more than 46,000 apps in total from its store on Thursday. Games affected by the sweep included Ubisoft title Assassin’s Creed Identity and NBA 2K20, according to research firm Qimai. Qimai also said only 74 of the top 1,500 paid games on Apple store survived the purge.

    • 5 TikTok creators explaining the stock market to a new generation of investors – With the rise of commission-free trading and app-based platforms like Robinhood, it is easier than ever to invest in the stock market, and the younger generations are piling in. Catering to the rise of the Gen Z and millennial traders, the short-form video app TikTok is home to a sizable library of investing advice. The hashtag #investing has received over 1 billion views, while #Stocktok has drawn in over 254 million views. While the platform has received criticism for hosting risky or incorrect market advice, a handful of creators are attempting to stand out with educational, interesting and relatable content. Here are five “StockTok” creators producing stock market and trading content on TikTok.
    • The biggest streamer bans of 2020 – It’s not easy being a streamer. Day in and day out, you have to entertain your followers in interesting and engaging ways that keep them coming back for more (and throwing the likes and subscribes), without violating any of the myriad rules that govern acceptable behavior on Twitch, YouTube, or whatever other streaming platform you happen to call home. Complicating the situation even further, those rules are occasionally opaque and unevenly applied: A simple mistake or misunderstanding can result in a lengthy suspension. In one such notable case, Quqco was given a three-day suspension in 2019 for violating Twitch’s guidelines on “sexually suggestive content or activities” by streaming in a fairly conventional Chun-Li cosplay.
    • Shroud explains how xQc is going to make OfflineTV’s Rust server “implode” – 50 of the world’s most popular streamers have gathered in OfflineTV’s Rust server, and everything’s going great… except Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek believes it’s only a matter of time until Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel makes it all “implode” in dramatic fashion. Rust has become the popular title for content creation once again at the tail end of 2020. With a huge open-world for dozens to explore and make their own, it’s the perfect playground for streamers. OfflineTV’s historic server has gathered 50 of the biggest names under one roof. While all has been going smoothly enough for the first few days, people are starting to get a little on edge. In fact, shroud thinks it could all come crashing down much sooner than everyone else expects.

    • Top 10 New or Expanding Brands in Esports for 2020 – When the IEM Katowice Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament closed its doors to the public on the day the main event started due to the local government shutting down the venue, it signaled that there would be many more cancellations or postponements occurring all over the world. This was a significant worry to league and tournament organizers everywhere as this unprecedented event took its toll on the event space. How would these companies and event esports organizations stay afloat as money would dry up and stop coming in. However, when those who ran events started to shift online, the viewership came with it and sponsorships came alive. Sponsors old and new weathered the COVID-19 storm, and while the usuals such as Razer, Logitech, Intel, and others stayed strong, a number of brands that may have been testing the waters made splashes.
    • The LCK led all esports leagues in 2020 with 136.6 million hours watched – Leagues were forced to adapt to a new online setting and only a select few were able to rise up and stand out among the rest. Korea’s LCK, for example, had a great competitive year that ended with DAMWON Gaming winning the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. It makes sense that the region had the most popular esports league in the world in terms of hours watched as well. The LCK had 136.65 million hours watched throughout 2020 over 635 hours of air time, according to Esports Charts. These numbers don’t include Chinese platforms, but nonetheless, the 2020 Spring Split garnered an impressive 65.91 million hours, while the following Summer Split had only three million fewer hours watched.
    • Wycombe Wanderers launch esports platform with Rival – EFL Championship football club Wycombe Wanderers has announced a partnership with esports competition platform Rival. The ‘Wycombe eSports Arena’ will provide a platform for gaming fans all around the world to compete against each other, whilst also allowing the club to build on its esports community. Compatible with both Xbox and Playstation, the first tournament will be held on Sunday January 10th. Each winner will receive a signed Adebayo Akinfenwa shirt. According to the release, the platform is the expected to bring fans from all around the world closer together, with future activities to include tournaments between international fan groups, collaboration with ‘other Wanderers’ and ventures into new games such as Madden and Rocket League.

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